Amantii Deep Electric Fireplace Series


Amantii Deep Electric Fireplace Series

The Amantii Deep series comes in 5 convenient sizes: a 40”, 50”, 60”, 72”, and 88”. This series is unique because of its extra depth which cannot be found with any other brand of electric fireplaces. New as of 2018, they expanded the line to have for each size an Extra Tall “XT” (18” in height) version as well. Another bonus benefit to this line is the ability to use it in an indoor and also an outdoor setting.


Flame Colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Violet, and Rose Flames Interchangeable. New ambient lighting shining down on media as well which can be on/off.
Heater with Fan: Standard, 4800 BTU, Heats approx. 400-500 Sq. Ft.
Electrical: Thermostat Hard Wire Ready and Electrical Hard Wire Ready.
Media: Large Glass Chunks, Clear and Blue Diamond Beads, Driftwood Log Set, small and large stones, Black Beads, small and large lava rock, small and large vermiculite
Remote: Standard.

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