Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Insert


Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Insert

Transform your fireplace into a heat source with large space performance. The Clydesdale fireplace wood-fired insert produces a combination of both power and beauty. The 2.4 cubic foot firebox produces 60,000 BTUs of heat and can heat up to 2,000 square feet. The thick soapstone panels that line the inside of the firebox give the Clydesdale the thermal mass that separates HearthStone stoves from other products. The combination of cast iron and soapstone will add several hours of heat life to the already strong burn time of up to 10 hours.

New design features
Solid cast-iron door – Improved door handle and latch – Simplified three-piece surround – Quieter blower system mounted in rubber bushings with easy access speed control. The blower helps spread heat evenly throughout home; blower operates only when insert is at significant heat level. The rheostat controls the blower speed. – Improved heating performance with sealed convective air chamber

Installation flexibility
2-position flue collar and depth-adjusting surrounds – Levelling legs: For optimum placement of the insert after the installation – Mantle shield (optional): Reduces mantle clearances – Surround caps (optional): Adds beauty to the installation or used as a filler for raised firebox installations – Surround extension (optional): 36″ H x 59″ W (aluminum)

2.4 cubic foot firebox
Holds up to 48 lbs. of wood. The Clydesdale’s firebox and large front door allows logs up to 22″ in length to load easily.

Single air-intake lever/stove control
Responsive control – insert operation is easy, performance more consistent.

Large glass door
The large front door allows an unobstructed view of the entire firebox. Primary, and secondary air combine for dazzling fire viewing on high, or low settings.

Reversible front loading door
Front door easily converts to open from either the left, or right side to meet your specific installation needs.

Soapstone-lined firebox
Extends HeatLife(TM).

Non-catalytic combustion system
EPA certified, clean burning, complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency, and reduced smoke and creosote build up.

Removable baffle
Allows more placement options; Insert can be installed in fireplaces with low or overhanging mantles because clearance requirements are reduced.

Blower with built-in thermostat and rheostat (optional)
Installing the flue liner through the firebox allows cleaning without moving the insert.

Screen (optional)
Allows for open door fire viewing. Enjoy the sounds of your fire too.


  • Heats up to:: 2,000 sq ft
  • Firebox Capacity: 2.4 cu ft
  • Size: 75,000 BTUs
  • EPA Certified: 3.2 gph
  • Efficiency: 79% (LHV)
  • Burn Time: Up to 10 hours
  • HeatLife: Up to 12 hours
  • Maximum Log Length: 22″-24″

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