Valcourt FP1 Manoir Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace



Valcourt FP1LM Manoir Wood Fireplace

The Manoir is the updated version of Valcourt’s very first fireplace. Valcourt’s fireplace doors are second to none and the Manoir is another good example of their exception. The steel framed double doors with ceramic glass slide into each side of the fireplace, smoothly and easily; allowing for an exceptional view of the crackling flames Thanks to the availability of two different styles of faceplates, this fireplace will enable you to be creative with your décor. Moreover, you can benefit from the Manoir’s maximum heating output by using its optional blower and its two hot air distribution kits. All Valcourt fireplaces feature a heavy duty construction for guaranteed peace of mind. A real solid luxury that will provide years of relaxation for you and your family.


  • Model # : FP1LM
  • U.S. EPA Low Mass Wood-burning Fireplace voluntary program phase 2 emission level qualified model
  • Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : <1,500
  • Blower Included
  • Color : Metallic black
  • Minimum burn rate : > 5 kg/h (> 11 lb/h)
  • Recommended chimney diameter : 8″
  • Tested or/and listed as per applicable standards by : Intertek

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